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Computer are availible to guesr and patrons. Guest must check in with the reference desk. Library card holders may sign into any comuter with thier cards to print from.It is the patrons responsibility to pay for any pages they print.


Copying does not require a card but still cost .25cents per side for black and white copy's and .50cents per color. Current printing rates are 25¢ for black and white, 50¢ for color pages per printed side. T-Shirt Iron-on Wax Paper and Transparencies are not accepted in the Printer.


It is $1.50 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page after the first. Fax cover sheets are provided for FREE at the reference desk.


Scanning is free but you either must have a drive or one can be provided but you must send the file thru email on a local computer. Reference desk can assist with this process