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Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Policy

Interlibrary Loan is a service whereby a user of one library can borrow library materials that are owned by another library.

Joe Barnhart Bee County Library users who are in good standing and have a $0.00 balance are eligible to borrow through the Interlibrary Loan Program. Patrons may receive up to three (3) FREE ILL materials per month. Additional ILL materials received during the same month will be charged $1.00 for each item.

Once a request is submitted, the process can take up to six weeks. Library staff will place a telephone call to the contact number provided on the request form. Connection with an individual or answering machine will serve as a legitimate notification. A postcard will be mailed if we don’t have a response by phone, machine, or person is hearing impaired.

ILL materials must be picked-up by the due date or materials will be returned. If a patron does not pick up their requested and received ILL item, they will lose ILL borrowing privileges.

Late fees corresponding to in-house circulating items will be applied. Excessive late fees (exceeding $5.00) and loss of item(s) will result in suspension of ILL privileges.